Xtreme Battery Straps

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Xtreme battery straps have many applications, from RC Helicopters to Cars and more! Xtreme battery straps are designed to wrap around batteries and electronics, to hold them securely in place. Xtreme battery straps are ¾in. wide, and come in 2in., 3in., 4in., and 5in. inside diamater sizes (adjustable). These straps are made from the highest quality Velcro, with a high strength molded buckle, and an ultra-thin nylon webbing for strength.

Each comes with 2 straps per package. Choose from a selection of 6 vibrant colors.

PUR209 (2in.), PUR211 (3in.), PUR213 (4in.), PUR215 (5in.)

Buy Your Xtreme Battery Straps Here:

$7.99 per pair

2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch Straps:

$8.99 per pair

5 inch Straps:

PureTech XTreme Battery Straps

2", 3", 4", 5" Insides Diameter sizes

To select the size you need, wrap a string around your battery and the vehicle part it will be mounted on. Measure the length of the string, then us this table:

String Length PureTech Strap Strap Length
3" - 5" 2" Strap 9"
5" - 8.25" 3" Strap 11"
8.25" - 11" 4" Strap 13"
11" - 14" 5" Strap 18"